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China's largest Salt Lake Chaerhan 
Its mainbody is the net operational capital of all potassium chloride plants subordinate to Qinghai Saltlake Industrial Group Co.Ltd.

Chaerhan Salt Lake,with a total area of 5856 square kilometre,is the largest soluble potassium and magneisum depoit bed in china.
Potassium sodium,magnsium,boron lithium,bromine,erubidium, and other natural resource are very rich.
The surface reserve of potassium chloride is 145 million tons, magnesium chloride 1650 million tons, lithium chloride 8.246 million tons, in the first place in China.

Its elementary exploitation value is 1.2 billion yuan. The exploitation and comprehensive utilization of the salt lake are very promising and are in an important place in the national      economy