In 1000 days, 24,000 gpd LNG at $1.50/gallon LNG, generates $36,000,000 paying for the gas, the, LNG plant, 6 days storage, and a refueling facility.
Average LNG plant profit US$6 million/year for six years.

One million US$ to convert each of 24, EMD SD70MAC
Break-even is 1000 days, at savings of $1.00/gallon: 
Average EMD Fleet profit is US$4 million/year  for six years.

11,000 Ton coal train
using LNG Diesel Locomotives
LNG Road Locomotives Here
Browse this site  http://www.energyconversions.com/

Refueling station for Locomotives in California
5975 w 5901 w 9884 w 9624

Peru's Vice-President David Waisman visited Ferrocarril Central Andino, to launch its first diesel loco converted to operate on compressed natural gas. Unveiling two new 3900 hp GE locos at the same event, FCAPresident Juan de Dios Olaechea said the railway's entire loco fleet would be converted to CNG within six months.
Switching Locomotives (Shunters) 1200 to 2000 HP
Road Locomotives 2500 to 4000 HP CAT engines

Caterpillar EMD Progress Rail
  Caterpillar’s swift expansion in the range of engines available to any rail market has made the company a significant player in the sector. Through its subsidiary Progress Rail Services, based in Albertville, Ala., Caterpillar made its latest attempt to shunt aside the competition in the sector when it completed the purchase of Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) for $820 million from Berkshire Partners LLC and Greenbriar Equity Group LLC in the waning days of summer.
          Although reluctant to comment on the deal at the time of the announcement, Billy Ainsworth, Caterpillar vice president and president and chief executive officer of Progress Rail, said the acquisition of La Grange, Ill.- based EMD, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of diesel-electric locomotives, offers “tremendous opportunities” for Caterpillar’s rail group. ‘One of the greatest aspects of this move is that EMD can reach into the Caterpillar box of technologies and pull out all of the things that we (Progress Rail and EMD) need,” said Ainsworth. “I believe we now have the widest locomotive OEM in the world and significantly, EMD can leverage a lot of what Caterpillar has learned through its own Tier 4 interim journey in the U.S. as we move toward Tier 4 for locomotives in 2015.  “Furthermore, we can also leverage what was spent on development by Caterpillar and bring it to EMD.”
 Ainsworth, who worked for Progress Rail when it was bought by Caterpillar in June 2006, is confident that the wide range of engines from 500 to 6000 hp will be an attractive option to customers. “It allows us to meet the different customer needs and their varying engine requirements,” said Ainsworth.
          Chuck Wills, Progress Rail’s vice president International Market Development, added, “A major thing that we are doing is expanding our focus beyond selling engines to also supply complete systems. “With the combination of Caterpillar, EMD and Progress Rail, that gives us the ability to package complete   systems rather than just provide an
 engine offering. ‘We also have a controls company we recently purchased in Brazil (Zeit ComercioeMontagemdeEquipamentos
 Ltda) so we have many things in our portfolio to sell, and I think the systems approach is key for us going forward because customers want solutions. ‘We feel we have the entire gamut of products and we can offer a solution, not  just a single engine, which would previously have forced the customers to find other parts of the solution themselves.”
 Despite Caterpillar’s recent flurry of investments in the rail sector, Ainsworth has not ruled out further acquisitions. “You’re never at the end of the acquisitions trail,” he said. “We certainly keep our eyes and minds open to opportunities as we go forward. If you look at Progress Rail, which was Caterpillar’s first acquisition in the rail industry, Caterpillar has invested $2 billion in rail, acquiring it and EMD, and although Progress Rail is primarily a North American company we have really started expanding internationally. “We did the deal to buy the business in Brazil and bought GETransportation’s inspection products business (which designs, manufactures and sells hot wheel and hot box detectors, data acquisition systems, draggers and other related inspection products) and that purchase gave us an international foot-print especially in Italy and Germany.
 “Progress Rail was primarily an aftermarket service company with some new products, and the one area where we had substantial room to grow was in the locomotive side of the business,” said Ainsworth. ‘Before the EMD acquisition, we were developing our own locomotives using Cat engines. We were committed to getting into the locomotive business through our own internal development. However, when EMD became available and we purchased them, we went from 10 miles an hour to doing 100 miles per hour overnight, and we now own one of the leading diesel-electric locomotive manufacturers in the world.   “But EMD has given up a lot of market share in the past, and our position is that we intend to win back our market share. “When you look internationally, there are a lot of attractive markets for us to consider such as Brazil, India and the Asia-Pacific region, especially Australia, which has good market potential — which we really like and there are also a lot of opportunities.”

In 1000 days, 24,000 gpd LNG at $1.50/gallon LNG, generates $36,000,000 paying for the gas, the LNG plant, 6 days storage, and a refueling facility.
Average LNG plant profit is US$6 million per year for six years.

One million US$ each to convert 24, EMD SD70MAC:  break-even is 1000 days, at savings of $1.00/gallon: 
Average EMD Fleet profit is US$4 million per year for six years.

Natural gas value in locomotive use LNG plants  can process two million cubic feet (2MMcfgpd) of pipeline gas near the BNSF refueling depot for their Wyoming coal trains to produce 24,000 gallons per day of 97 % methane fuel grade LNG.
Purchasing the gas at five dollars per thousand cubic feet gas ($5.00/Mcfg) to process.
LNGo can process 1Mcf and produce ~ =10 gallons: that's ~= $0.50/gallon LNG fuel: at 2 MMcfgpd ~=24,000 gpd ~$12,000 per day. In 1000 days (~=3 years) that's  ~=$12,000,000.  Pays for pipeline gas. Adding another $1.00 per gallon to repay the LNGo plant plant generates another~=$24,000,000.
In 1000 days, using 24,000 gpd LNG we are at $1.50/gallon LNG coming out of LNGo plant and generates $36,000,000 paying for the gas, the LNGo LNG plant, 6 days storage, and a refueling facility.
Comparing that to $3.50/gallon diesel give us $1.00/gallon savings, for 24,000 gallons per day, or $24,000,000 savings in 1000 days.
Allowing one million US$ each to convert 24, EMD SD70MAC means the break-even is 1000 days, at savings of $1.00/gallon: fleet savings is $24,000,000 in the next 3 years.
Twenty-four EMD-SD70MAC locomotives converted to LNG and diesel pilot fuel consume over 1000 gallons LNG per day each.

Fuel Tenders In Action    Crawford Hill Helpers
      A major obstacle for trains heading east out of the Powder River Basin, via Donkey Creek Junction in Wyoming, is Pine Ridge in Nebraska (see Subdivision Map). Loaded coal trains need helper service for the tough climb up Crawford Hill, so helpers are added at Crawford, NE for the push to the summit at Belmont. While several helper sets are stationed at Crawford, Alliance, NE is home base for the Butte Subdivision helpers.
    Although it is only a thirteen mile trek to the summit, the Crawford helpers are in almost continuous operation and consume a great deal of fuel. There is a constant cycle of assists up the hill; one set pushing, one returning downgrade to Crawford and one set coupling on to a loaded coal train in Crawford for the next push. This leaves little time for round trips to Alliance to refuel. Fuel tenders solve the refueling problem and help keep light engine moves on this busy stretch of track to a minimum.

A few Coal Trains in Denver, Colorado          August and September 2009

 No attempt to photograph the engines at night was taken, nor during the snow storms.  The total of different engines was only 156 from August 30 to September 28. Of that, 123 were EMDs:  some 4400 hp (the SD70ACe) and the rest of the EMDs 4000 hp (the SD70Mac).
  During the month of August, 2009, 45 EMDs were photographed ranging from over 15 years old (14) to over 10 years old (31):  45 EMDs over 10 years old in August, 2009.  After the month of September was over,73  EMDs had been photographed ranging from over 15 years old (28) to over 10 years old (50): 78 EMDs over 10 years old in September, 2009.
  Approximately 160 different engines were photographed on the trains:  some were heading south loaded with 115 to over 122 cars and some were headed back empty.  Very few freight.  Two engines on head end and two on rear.  Almost always one was 4000 hp with the other 4400 on each end.  Only occasionally were two  4400 hp on one end or the other --  so  the total hp was at least 16,800.
  Seldom did either a loaded coal train go non-stop south through Denver, nor did an empty headed back to Wyoming.  They usually parked waiting for several hours, and occasionally all day.  It was during this parked period some information was gathered regarding diesel fuel volumes on engines.  Each engine on coal trains averaged almost 4000 gallons coming into Denver from Wyoming between, September 15 to 24.  Empty's returning averaged less than 2500 gallons on each engine.
  The first 8 pages are daily logs and some photos taken of the engines.  The next page shows all the EMDs both in August and September by year built and summary of ages.  Next 5 pages show the coal basin and a few logs of the gallons observed in the engines.  Five pages after that are all the EMD's only, in columns of engine number and columns of date built.
Six more pages are 178 different EMD engines between 4000 and 4400 HP Aug. 20/Sept. 28, 2009
 Will a dual fuel engine in railway service provide high performance, lower fuel and maintenance costs?

This question was put to Lee Wayne Tuskey by Northern States Power Company (NSP, Now EXCEL ENERGY)  in 1974.  Lee, a very likeable and competent man, was not only the Supervising Research Engineer for NSP but the steam locomotive trainer for steam locomotive trainers.   He knew that NSP had over 15,000 hours operating  EMD dual fueled 567-C engines, so he decided to begin designing a locomotive project around one of their 567s. 

Woodward said they could not design a variable load, variable speed governor for his 567-C.  Lee then  designed it himself and BN agreed to build it into his engine and agreed to supply a locomotive for the test project.  BN, NSP, and a gas company agreed to share costs in actual train service tests.  The rest is history because it ran in service from Minneapolis to Duluth, and back, with several major locomotive companies master mechanics on board.  The results were presented by Lee at the 46th Annual Conference of the Railway Fuel and Operating Officers Assn., Inc., in Chicago, Illinois  August 29, 1983.

Between 1981 and 1983, Charlie Bartholomew, became involved because he could provide LNG for locomotive use of 97+% methane instead of the compressed 88% methane used in the previously mentioned 567-C. Project. 

The next stage in Lee's project to answer the questions about the above mentioned performance and fuel costs, etc., was to convert line-haul locomotives providing NSP with coal for their plants.  Two EMD 645s were successfully converted by Energy Conversions Inc. of Tacoma Washington (E.C.I.)  and LNG was provided by a peak shaving plant from Minnegasco: all costs borne by BN.  The 645s performed superbly in horsepower and maintenance costs  but the project was put in the wrong place for lower fuel costs.  Worse yet, the ethane content is dangerous -- it stratifies in peak shavers tanks and excess ethane has already caused an engine explosion.

We recommended to put the Dresser-Rand LNGo LNG locomotive fueling plant at the closest place to the least expensive gas for liquefaction in either eastern Wyoming or Western Nebraska.  This is the least expensive gas in the U.S.  The next place to also put a LNGo LNG plant would be near Temple Texas.  BNSF has refueling depots in these places, and they are near high pressure high volume gas pipelines for use in liquefaction.

E.C.I. has the capability to again convert the newer BNSF EMD higher horsepower units for use in coal service:
the EMD SD70MAC and EMD SD70ACe.

It was with all the above in mind when we decided to see how much EMD horsepower was used in coal service in Denver, Colorado August to September, 2009.  Enclosed are the results viewing only 156 different EMD locomotives during daylight hours only.

             9624                                 9512_9265_5612                        9793_13th Av No.                         BNRR US

   9790_9340_9752_9507                   9690_9962                                  9661                                           9639_5836

    9858sd70mac                              9884_9624                                    9926                                          9331_8331

  8940w9136_8_27_2009                9926_w_6100_1stAvNo                9922w9545_8_24                  9873w9858

   8892_9428                                   9866_9158                                 5688w9804                            Coal_Cars_8-25-2009

  9312                                                  9148_9917                           9138_9784_9737w9743                  9368_8981_8882

  9363w6262_9-23-2009                        9841                               9858_9873                                        9790_9340_9752

Bridge 2 Empties 21st ave So      8962_9268_9234 13th Ave So.       8940_9136                         5919 tail mt 6075w6105 head 13th Ave So

   5907w8975_9-19-2009                6104w5755                        two coal trains one empty 21st Ave So.  9245-9173

9/1/2009 (135) 9/1/2009 (111) 2009-august (45) 2009-august (  )
8807SD70MAC/99 008866SD70MAC 8840SD70MAC/99/8/17/09 008962SD70MAC
8822SD70MAC/99 5 Day Round Trip  008962SD70MAC 8850 SD70MAC/99/8/25/09 008981SD70MAC
8825SD70MAC/99 008970SD70MAC 8851 SD70MAC /99 8/25/09 069360SD70ACe
8834SD70MAC/99 008972SD70MAC 8885 SD70MAC/998/20/09 089203SD70ACe
8840SD70MAC/99  008975SD70MAC 8916 SD70MAC/99/8/25/09 089234SD70ACe
8845SD70MAC/99 008981SD70MAC 8940 SD70MAC/99/8/25/09 089268SD70ACe
8851SD70MAC/99 008989SD70MAC 8962 SD70MAC/00/8/30/09 949428SD70MAC
8854SD70MAC/99 069342SD70ACe 8981 SD70MAC/00/8/30/09 949448SD70MAC
8857SD70MAC/99 069347SD70ACe 9203SD70ACe/08/8/22/2009 949449SD70MAC
8858SD70MAC/99 069363SD70ACe 9234 SD70ACe/08/8/30/09 949485SD70MAC
8862SD70MAC/99 069364SD70MAC 9268 SD70ACe/08/8/30/09 949492SD70MAC
8866SD70MAC/00 069368SD70ACe 9360 SD70ACe/06/8/25/09/4300G 949507SD70MAC
8867SD70MAC/99 069373SD70ACe 9428 SD70MAC/94/8/25/09 949545SD70MAC
8870SD70MAC/99  069395 SD70ACe 9448 SD70MAC/94/8/25/09 949552SD70MAC
8882SD70MAC/99 079132 SD70ACe 9449 SD70MAC/948/24/09 949555SD70MAC
8887SD70MAC/99 079140SD70ACe 9485 SD70MAC /94/8/24/09 949563SD70MAC
8892SD70MAC/99 089157SD70ACe 9507 SD70MAC/94/8/26/09 959512SD70MAC
8907SD70MAC/99 089165SD70ACe 9512 SD70MAC/95/8/20/09 959624SD70MAC 
8926 2700_Gal w 9450 3000_Gal tailend coal 089173SD70ACe 9552 SD70MAC/94/8/20/09/2800G 959630SD70MAC
8926 6104 3750 Gal  w 5755 3750_Gal head 089176SD70ACe 9555 SD70MAC/94/8/20-25/09 959671SD70MAC
8927SD70MAC/99 089177SD70ACe 9563 SD70MAC/94/8/25/09 969722SD70MAC
8929 SD70MAC99 089181SD70ACe 9630SD70MAC/95/8/25/09 969737SD70MAC
8929SD70MAC/99 089194 SD70ACe 963C44-9W/96 969743SD70MAC
8940 1500G 9/09  089201SD70ACe 9671 SD70MAC/95/8/25/09 969752SD70MAC
8954SD70MAC/99 089203SD70ACe 9722 SD70MAC/96/8/20/09 969753SD70MAC
8955 2100G w8987 2610G  tailend  089224SD70ACe 9737 SD70MAC/96/8/25/09 969771SD70MAC
8957SD70MAC/99 089234SD70ACe 9752 SD70MAC/96/8/23-26/09 979790SD70MAC
8962SD70MAC/00/9/08/09 089238SD70ACe 9753 SD70MAC/96 /8/25/09 979793SD70MAC
8970 2600_Gal  w 5902 4000_Gal COAL head 089241SD70ACe 9771 SD70MAC/96/8/25/09 979803SD70MAC 
8970 2600G  w 5902 4000G headend COAL 089245SD70ACe 9784 SD70MAC/98/8/25/09 979804SD70MAC
8970 2900_Gal w 4102 3640_Gal  head COAL  089251SD70ACe 9790 SD70MAC/97/8/23/09 979830SD70MAC
8970 2900G w 4102 3640G  headend COAL  089280SD70ACe 9793 SD70MAC/97/8/24-29/09 979841SD70MAC
8970 9970 3500_Gal  w 6185 3000_Gal tail   949411SD70MAC 9803 SD70MAC/97/7/29/09 979858SD70MAC
8972SD70MAC/00  5 Day Round Trip 949416SD70MAC 9804 SD70MAC/97/7/29/09 989784SD70MAC
8975 2500 G w 5331 4000G w 7226 3000G Mty 949450SD70MAC 9830 SD70MAC/97/8/29/09 989866SD70MAC
8981SD70MAC/00  949461SD70MAC 9841 SD70MAC/97/8/28/09 989873SD70MAC
8989SD70MAC/00 949507SD70MAC 9866 SD70MAC/98/8/26/09 989884SD70MAC
9132 3190_G w 5893 3750_G coal  949545SD70MAC 9884 SD70MAC/98/8/26/09 989917SD70MAC
9140SD70ACe/07 949554SD70MAC 989935SD70MAC 989922SD70MAC
9157SD70ACe/08 959517SD70MAC 989936SD70MAC 989926SD70MAC
9165SD70ACe/08 959529SD70MAC 9917 SD70MAC/98/8/26/09 989945SD70MAC
9173SD70ACe/08 959531SD70MAC 9922 SD70MAC/98/8/24/09 989958 _3720_Gal_Coal
9176  2500G w 6009 4000G coal head 959532SD70MAC 9926 SD70MAC/98/8/29/09 989973SD70MAC
9177SD70ACe/08 959534SD70MAC 9945 SD70MAC/1998/8/20/09 989992SD70MAC
9181SD70ACe/08 959535 SD70MAC 9973 SD70MAC/98/8/20/09 998840SD70MAC
9194 SD70ACe/08 959584SD70MAC
9201SD70ACe/08 959619 SD70MAC 998851SD70MAC
9203SD70ACe/08 959624SD70MAC
9224 6301 3200G 6302 3200G head Coal 959639SD70MAC
9224 w 5702 tail 4000G ea Coal 959641SD70MAC
9238SD70ACe/08:9/22:10am 959647SD70MAC
9241SD70ACe/08 959659SD70MAC

9245 1670 Gal w 9173 2826 Gal headend mptys 2100 so

9245 3930_Gal w 9173  3230_Gal head COAL dwntwn 959660SD70MAC

9245 5 days 959668SD70MAC

9251SD70ACe/08 959675SD70MAC

9280SD70ACe/08 959690SD70MAC

9342 3720G w9201 3410G w5958  3300G w9164 1700G 

9347SD70ACe/06 959693SD70MAC

9363 3290 gal w 6262 4000 Gal Coal tailend 959697SD70MAC

9364SD70MAC/06 959706SD70MAC

9368SD70ACe/06 959708SD70MAC

9373 6302 w 6301 head 3200G ea  969722SD70MAC

9373SD70ACe/06 tail 113 Coal Cars 969730SD70MAC

9395SD70ACe/06 969740SD70MAC

9411SD70MAC/94  969773SD70MAC

9416 SD70MAC/94 979791SD79MAC

9450SD70MAC/94 979811SD70MAC

9461 3550G  8857 2500 G  5855 3250 G Mptys 979824SD70MAC

9497 SD70MAC  2800_Gal 979825SD70MAC

9507 3100_G 6419 1750 G 9342 4230G 979836SD70MAC

9507SD70MAC/94 979940SD70MAC

9507SD70MAC/94 989865 SD70MAC
9507SD70MAC/94 989882SD70MAC

9517SD70MAC/95 989884SD70MAC

9529SD70MAC/95 989888SD70MAC

9531 3000G w5907 2500G tailend  989891SD70MAC

9532SD70MAC/95  989909SD70MAC

9534  3500G w 8845 2800G  tail Coal 989913SD70MAC

9535SD70MAC/95 989916SD70MAC

9545SD70MAC/94 989922SD70MAC

9554SD70MAC/94 989928SD70MAC

9584 3250G 8858 3410G tailend COAL  989945SD70MAC

9619 SD70MAC/95 989957SD70MAC

9624SD70MAC/95 989960SD70MAC

9639SD70MAC/95 989962SD70MAC

9641SD70MAC/95 989970SD70MAC

9647SD70MAC/95 9/23/09 989979SD70MAC

9659SD70MAC/95 989990SD70MAC

9660SD70MAC/95  998807SD70MAC

9668SD70MAC/95 998822SD70MAC

9675 3250 Gal 6043 3750 Gal headend coal 998825SD70MAC

9675 3250 Gal 6073 4000 Gal tailend coal  998834SD70MAC

9690SD70MAC95 998845SD70MAC

9693SD70MAC/95 998854SD70MAC

9697SD70MAC/95 998857SD70MAC

9706 3500G w 5683 4000G coal Tail  998858SD70MAC

9708 SD70MAC/95 998862SD70MAC

9722SD70MAC/96 998867SD70MAC

9730SD70MAC/96  998870 SD70MAC
9740SD70MAC/96 998882SD70MAC

9773SD70MAC/96 998887SD70MAC

9791 head 122 emptys 5790 3200G 6122 3200G

9811SD70MAC/97 998892SD70MAC

9824 2300G  5855 2850G 5830 3275G HdEd  998907SD70MAC

9824 SD70MAC  1500 Gal headend emptys  998926SD70MAC

9824SD70MAC/97 4 Day Round Trip 998927SD70MAC

9825SD70MAC 998929SD70MAC

9836SD70MAC/97  998940SD70MAC

9865SD70MAC/98 998954SD70MAC

9882SD70MAC/98 998955SD70MAC

9884SD70MAC/98 998957SD70MAC

9888SD70MAC/98 999998SD70MAC

9891 2000G  tail 122 emptys w 9730 1750G


9913 4000G w 5674 3000G coal Head

9916 1900G  6431 4000G 9497 2800G head 

9922 2700_Gal w 6434 4000_Gal head COAL

9922 9773 2750_Gal w 9641 2600_Gal tail COAL 

9922SD70MAC/98 3 day movement

9928 3220_Gal  8940 1500_Gal  head emptys 





9957 3000G  w 9347 3450G headend COAL 



9970 3500_Gal  w 6185 3000_Gal tail COAL 

9970 8970 2600_Gal  w 5902 4000_Gal COAL





134 + 45 ~ 180 Engines 8/20-9/28/2009

HedMpty 9928 3220 9/24/ HedMpty 9824 1500 9/20/ tail mpty 9360 4300 9/18/ 21
HedMpty 8940 1500 9/24/ HedMpty 9245 1670 9/20/ tail mpty 5792 2450 9/18/ 39
HedMpty 9507 3100 9/24/ HedMpty 8857 2500 9/20/
Emptys 39
HedMpty 6419 1750 9/24/ HedMpty 9173 2826 9/20/

Coal 47
HedMpty 9342 4230 9/24/ HedMpty 5585 3250 9/20/

HedMpty 5942 2450 9/24/ HedMpty 9461 3550 9/20/

HedMpty 5708 4750 9/24/

HedMpty 9984 2250 9/24/




HedMpty 8839 2300 9/17/ tail mpty 8955 2100 9/16/ hedFrght 5420 3100 9/15/
HedMpty 6066 1200 9/17/ tail mpty 8987 2610 9/16/ hedFrght 4371 2600 9/15/
HedMpty 9196 2300 9/17/ tail mpty 5907 2500 9/16/

HedMpty 5791 2900 9/17/ tail mpty 9531 3000 9/16/

HedMpty 6091 3100 9/17/ HedMpty 9916 1900 9/16/

tail mpty 9825 2500 9/17/ HedMpty 6431 4000 9/16/

tail mpty 8907 2383.333 9/17/ HedMpty 9497 2800 9/16/

7 ENGINE GALLONS DATE HedMpty 8975 2500 9/16/

tail mpty 9891 2000 9/15/ HedMpty 5331 4000 9/16/

tail mpty 9730 1750 9/15/ HedMpty 9342 3720 9/16/

HedMpty 9791
9/15/ HedMpty 9201 3410 9/16/

HedMpty 5790 3200 9/15/ HedMpty 5958 3300 9/16/

HedMpty 6122 3200 9/15/ HedMpty 9164 1700 9/16/


HedMpty 7226 3000 9/16/


14 2895.714


Multiple  Engine Gallons and Dates


ENGINE GALLONS DATE hed coal 5907 3800 9/19/
HedMpty 9245 1670 9/20/ tail mpty 5907 2500 9/16/ hed coal 8975 {3800?} 9/19/
hed coal 9245 3330 9/15/

HedMpty 8975 2500 9/16/
HedMpty 9173 2826 9/20/

hed coal 9173 3230 9/15/

Average gallons carried by  EMPTYS 2508.916


hed coal 6104 3750 9/24/ tail coal 9584 3250 9/16/ 13

hed coal 5755 3750 9/24/ tail coal 8858 3410 9/16/ 10

tail coal 9450 3000 9/24/ hed coal 9957 3000 9/16/ 16

tail coal 8926 2700 9/24/ hed coal 9347 3450 9/16/ 47


3288.75 3288.75


hed coal 8970 2900 9/23/ hed coal 9173 3230 9/15/

tail coal 9363 3290 9/23/ hed coal 9245 3330 9/15/

tail coal 9675 3250 9/23/ tail coal 9706 3500 9/15/

hed coal 4102 3640 9/23/ tail coal 5683 4000 9/15/

tail coal 6073 4000 9/23/ hed coal 5674 3000 9/15/

tail coal 6262 4000 9/23/ hed coal 9913 4000 9/15/


tail coal 5683 4000 9/15/





hed coal 5907 3800 9/19/ tail coal 9639 4000 9/14/

hed coal 8975
9/19/ tail coal 5863 3750 9/14/

tail coal 5625 3900 9/19/ hed coal 9176 2500 9/14/

tail coal 5984 3750 9/19/ hed coal 6009 4000 9/14/

tail coal 9630 4000 9/19/

tail coal 8855 3750 9/19/




tail coal 9552 2800 9/18/ hed coal 5891 3750 9/13/

tail coal 8806 3000 9/18/ hed coal 9132 3190 9/13/

hed coal 9940 3300 9/18/ tail coal 8845 2800 9/13/

hed coal 5711 2200 9/18/ tail coal 9534 3500 9/13/

tail coal 9892 3240 9/18/

tail coal 9390 3080 9/18/ hed coal 6302 3200 9/11/

hed coal 9274 2890 9/18/ hed coal 6301 3200 9/11/

hed coal 9294 2930 9/18/ tail coal 5702 4000 9/11/ 3197.5


tail coal 9222 4000 9/11/


3395.833 Average gallons  by COAL