The violence on March 29 is far worse than any that occurred during the weeks before Jean-Claude Duvalier’s departure in February, 1986. In 1986 there was a Haitian army to maintain order. Now there is nothing but an Aristide-controlled National Police Force, heavily involved in crime and cocaine trafficking. 

While media sources suggest that 4 people have been killed in this week’s Port-au-Prince violence, our sources suggest that “many people have died over the past few days....possibly  more than one hundred.”  Aristide’s mob has now moved up from downtown Port-au-Prince and now attacks homes in the middle to upper class Petionville suburb and may sweep up into the luxury areas of Kenscoff.  The Mob has started to break into houses to steal possessions and beat people as Aristide tries to generate a wave of hatred that will spur the poor population into a revolution that sweeps away what little structure exists. Aristide will then declare a revolutionary government with him as its president. 

This is exactly what he was doing, in November/December of 1995, when Clinton agreed to accept the unpopular, alcoholic Rene Preval  as Haiti’s president. Had Clinton not surrendered, Aristide would have pressed Mob action in support of his claim for “three more years” to replace those he spent in Washington exile.

Washington knows the truth but remain paralyzed, like a rabbit trapped in a hunter’s spotlight.  President Clinton lives in mortal fear of a situation in which Aristide is indicted in a Miami Federal Court for his part in the cocaine traffic to Miami.

Ira Kurzban is Haiti’s attorney. Some suggest he is the lover of Aristide’s wife, meeting her in the Pacot home of ex-Duvalier minister Flambert. Others comment about his partnership in the cellular phone business with Aristide’s wife and possibly Clinton brother-in-law, Hugh Rodham..

The entire Haitian adventure must be  the greatest fiasco of the Clinton Presidency.  But why doesn’t someone like Senator John McCain demand Aristide’s indictment for cocaine trafficking??!!