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St. Anthony 1848
Mother Mary
 Father Hennepin
First Mass near Mineapolis 
1st_Catholic_parish Father Ravoux lays Catholic foundation
Reverend Lucien Galtier 1st resident pastor in Minnesota
First Church of St. Anthony {1851
St. Paul 1st dedication
Bishop Cretin 1st Bishop
2nd Church of St. Anthony Father Fayolle {1849-61}Reverend John McDermott Bishop Cretin 2nd church dedication in the Diocese Liberty Chalice
Father Ireland forgot to announce the collection
Mineapolis Area Begins
Bishop Grace who would not permit a full basement under any church
1866 Father McDermott begins church Reverend Felix Tissot finished school
Shed Church
Father McGolrick
1st Mass
{Immaculate Conception}
shed church -- Immaculate Conception
original Church forerunner Basilica of St. Mary, 1868.
The Church of the
Immaculate Conception {2nd 1871}
Bishop Grace,& Father Ravoux drove over from St. Paul
2 acolytes attend 1871 dedication  James C. Byrne, Patrick J. Danehy
1st boys of parish to become priests
Dedication Ceremony
{December 8, 1872}sermon by Father Ireland
statue of the Blessed Virgin  dedicated 1877 now in Basilica
new bell January 7, 1877 Now in Basilica East tower
statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Basilica sacrarium from  1878 Abbey of Lorrha 550 A.D.
St Anthony band Wood Church 1895 Statues of the Apostles
Immaculate Conception Church was demolished in 1922 First Priest from the Parish Patrick J. Danehy
1st native-born Minnesotan Priest James C. Byrne

Sacred Relics Enshrined  October 24, 1884 2nd Church
shrine and reliquary to Duluth lost in fire at  Sacred Heart Cathedral in 1892
Reverend Thomas E. W Cullen Basilica of St. Mary plans 1st public announcement project new church Archbishop Ireland Christmas day, 1903 Holy Angels Academy, July 1, 1905 St. Margaret's Academy.
Lawrence S. Donaldson June 21, 1905, donates land Cornerstone Laying  31 May 1908 -- John Ireland
The cornerstone - Pro-Cathedral Church May 31, 1908
The Civic Dedication Sunday evenings November, 1913 Pro-Cathedral of St. Mary 1913-1926
The Basilica of St. Mary of Minneapolis Official Name January 01, 1926
Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 1914
Holy Sacrifice of Mass offered 1st time
solemn dedication on feast of the
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
old Immaculate Conception Church
School and Residence razed 1922
New Parish School ready for occupancy in August 1913 Inspiring Leadership under Father Cullen deserves more credit than anyone else sacrarium of carved stone
  James M. Reardon Part II
Father Reardon's Pastorate Completing the Interior Towards close of 1922
The first Pontifical Mass Christmass 1924 Most Reverend Austin Dowling Sanctuary Completed 1924 A Historic Pulpit {1858-1916}
Nave Finished and Furnished {1924-26} Sacristy and Residence {1927-28} Father Hennepin Memorial
Priestly Sons of the Parish Visit of Most Reverend  Archbishop Murray Consecration of the Basilica  June 27, 1941
Trustees and Pastors of the Parish The Parish Schools Historic Monuments
Origin and Development of Basilicas Major and Minor Basilicas Rights and Privileges of Basilicas
Spiritual Privileges Affiliation With St. Mary Major Affiliation with St. John Lateran
First Catholic School in Minneapolis The Main Altar Latin Explanation
The Marble Screen and Grille life of our Blessed Lady
Three Sets of Inscriptions The Marble Confessionals The Encircling Chapels
The Baptismal Font The Sanctuary Windows The Windows of the Nave
The Basilica Sacristy The Basilica Residence The Basilica School {1913}
Bibilography the end