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  Energy Conversions Inc. #7149
LNG level9 alt fuel stations
LNG refuel Amirillo TX
LNG refuel LA airport LNG refuel trucks MI
LNG refuel UP CA LNG refuel UPS CA
LNG refuel UT LNG refuel vaporizer Walden CO
LNG reful Santa Fe CA
Drilling gir converted to drill with gas by ECI
GM-EMD 710 ECI fitted for dual fuel operations
ECI Test Cell

BN EMD SD40-2 #7149 operated on LNG 5 years hauling 12,000 tons coal every 3 days from Wyoming to Lake Superior Minnesota
LNG truck fueling 
LNG bus INEEL feb 2000
LNG station investment costs 3 cases jbk
LNG station investment costs 50 vehicles jbk

Russian Built Compressed Natural Gas locomotive
Fitted for 1520 mm rail.
Two built, one still running (I think 8 17 00)