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typical ISO from Chartlng for Rail applications

Elektrovoz Passazhirskii" (passenger electric locomotive)
LNG Tanks Railroad Trucks
Index to Russian Locomotives2TE10V TO LNG PLANTS
Compressed Integrated Natural Gas Locomotive or CINGL
Returns on Investment for Locomotives In Russian

Saudi Arabian Railways Russian natural gas (LNG) TEM18G
Return on Investments Tables Boise Locomotives
Natural gas STEAM locomotive 1910 EUROPEAN
Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train
Cars Trucks Busses
Executive Summary of LNG 2000
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Capsule Summary
Interstate Clean Transportation Corridor
Energy Conversions, Inc. 6411 Pacific Highway East
Tacoma, WA 98424
Country Code 1 253:922-6670
Fax 253:922-2258City Map Location HERE
LNG Road Locomotives Here
Browse this site http://www.energyconversions.com/
3400 to 4000 HP
Offshore Drilling,
Gas Generators
Natural Gas Locomotives
Paul Jensen
LNG Road Locomotive
GM-EMD SD40-2 # 7149
Scott Jensen
The GM-EMD SD40-2 BN7890
The first of two fully-rated natural gas powered locomotive in commercial service.

Rig 801, Gas Drilling Rig shown under construction at the docks in Louisiana. Currently in service off the coast of Trinidad for Sundowner Offshore, the Rig is powered by three EMD 12 cylinder 645s fully equipped with ECI dual fuel hardware. The ECI system allows the rig to run on well head natural gas, which saves the company $4000 (U.S.) per day in fuel cost savings alone.

ECI test cell at facilities in Tacoma, Washington. EMD 645, 8-cylinder turbo charged test cell, complete with electronic monitoring and data acquisition .

ECI's EMD 710 16-cylinder turbo charged unit at test facilities in Tacoma.
American LNG Switcher Picture Here
American LNG Road Locomotive Here
Russian CNG Switcher Picture Here
LNG Tanks and vaporizers Minnesota Valley Engineering, Inc.
Location 3505 County Road 42 West, Burnsville MN 55306-3803
LNG Systems On board LNG fuel systems from Minnesota Valley Engineering, Inc.
LNG Products and literature from Minnesota Valley Engineering, Inc.
LNG refueling from CH-IV and http://www.ch-iv.c
Alternative Fuels Data Center
Locomotive Refueling with LNG LNG Locomotive pulline 10,000 mt coal
BN 7149, 1 of 2 gas locomotives developed for BN by E C Inc.
The successful demonstration locomotives operated a commercial coal haul between Wyoming and Wisconsin from 1991-1996.
The engines took natural gas rail out of concept, into reality, proving reliability, safety, and full-power of the ECI system.
LNG Alternate Fuel
Switching Locomotives (Shunters) 1200 to 2000 HP Road Locomotives 2500 to 4000 HP CAT engines
Road Switchers 1500 to 2500 HP
Road Locomotives 2500 to 4000 HP
A MotivePower Industries Company Fax 208:389-3040
City Location Map 4600 Apple Street Boise, Idaho USA HERE

Boise Locomotive Operations MK1200G information
Country code 1 800:272-7702
mailto:Dennis_Nott@wabtec.com Country code 1 800:272-7702

LNG locomotives vs Diesel locomotives

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