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Global power systems company Rolls-Royce, contracted to deliver engines and propulsion systems for what is claimed to be the world’s first Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) powered tugs.
The two vessels have been ordered by Norwegian company Buksér og Berging AS and will enter service in late 2013 for Statoil, and Gassco, the operator of the gas transportation network off the Norwegian coast.
Robert Løseth, Rolls-Royce, Senior VP – Merchant, Propulsion Systems and Engines said: “This is a breakthrough for our Bergen gas engines and cutting edge propulsion technology. The choice our customer has made highlights the industry leading engine performance, fuel consumption and low methane emissions that Rolls-Royce can offer, which is now being applied to tugs.”

PSV's in the Kleven Maritime Shipyard, Ulsteinvik
(Above:  Courtesy of Kleven Maritime)
A 6M46DF engine currently undergoing a test program >
at Caterpillar’s medium speed facility at Rostock, Germany.
available in six, seven, eight and nine cylinders and the vee models in twelve and sixteen cylinder configurations.

Image credit: Caterpillar Marine Power Systems 6M46DF

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Deere's gaseous engine began 1996 application 8.1 L lean burn, closed loop,adaptive lean natural gas engines Blue Bird All American school bus chassis. DualFuel_LocomotiveDualFuel_Locomotives.html
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Izar launches LNG barge
The LNG plant in Norway will be an integral part of the development of the offshore natural gas fields of Albatross, Askeladden, and Snohvit in the Barents Sea. Gas transport through a submarine pipeline to Melkoya Island, treated and exported as LNG.
LNG Busses
250 hp 8.1 gas engine in Saf-T-Liner bus chassis. Both target primarily at school bus use in California.

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