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Qatar Airways aims to score first with gas-powered planes
October 31, 2007 - 10:50AM Qatar Airways aims to become the first carrier in the world to fuel its fleet with natural gas, an airline executive said in the Emirates Today newspaper on Tuesday.
The state-owned airline of the Gulf country which holds more than 15 percent of the world's proven gas reserves would announce details of the plan at the Dubai Air Show next month.
"Qatar Gas, Shell and Qatar Airways are currently talking to each other to finalise a plan for flying aircraft on natural gas," the English-language daily quoted the airline's commercial general manager Ali al-Rais as saying.
He said that state-owned Qatar Gas and Shell were in turn holding talks with Rolls-Royce and General Electric to develop an engine for the natural gas-powered aircraft.
"Ours would be the first carrier in the world to use this techonology. Engineers and scientists are working tirelessly to make this happen and it will happen," Rais added.
A Rolls-Royce official told the paper that the firm was in discussions with several airlines regarding alternative fuels, adding that switching to gas-powered planes would be more cost effective for airlines.
Rais also told the paper that Qatar Airways has 150 planes on order, including five double-decker Airbus A380s, the world's biggest passenger liner.
Qatar's giant North Field has proven reserves of more than 900 trillion cubic feet (25 trillion cubic meters) of natural gas, the third largest in the world after Russia and Iran.
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GM-EMD SD40-2 # 7149
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The GM-EMD SD40-2  BN7890 
The first of two fully-rated natural gas powered locomotive in commercial service.


Rig 801, Gas Drilling Rig shown under construction at the docks in Louisiana. Currently in service off the coast of Trinidad for Sundowner Offshore, the Rig is powered by three EMD 12 cylinder 645s fully equipped with ECI dual fuel hardware. The ECI system allows the rig to run on well head natural gas, which saves the company $4000 (U.S.) per day in fuel cost savings alone.

ECI test cell at facilities in Tacoma, Washington. EMD 645, 8-cylinder turbo charged test cell, complete with electronic monitoring and data acquisition .

ECI's EMD 710 16-cylinder turbo charged unit at test facilities in Tacoma.
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Refuse Haulers on LNG    DIESEL PROGRESS North American  edition July 1999 pp. 54-55
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Wabtec builds a microprocessor-controlled switching locomotive fueled by liquefied natural gas
This state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly model offers improved traction control and adhesion, reduced fuel and sand usage, lower maintenance costs, and enhanced crew and safety features.

The company also manufactures new mid-horsepower passenger locomotives suitable for commuter or long-distance service. 
Available with a variety of power-generation packages, these units can be equipped with the latest microprocessor-based control systems for increased adhesion and tractive effort, reduced fuel consumption and maintenance, and improved equipment monitoring and event-recording features. http://www.wabtec.com/railroad/new.asp

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Road Locomotives 2500 to 4000 HP
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Country code 1 800:272-7702
Waukesha Engine Division
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- 2000 - 2330
Waukesha 12V-AT27GL GAS ENGINATOR -  2000 - 2330

Caterpillar Gas Engine Division Map Locations Here World Wide

For natural resources exploration, Caterpillar 3400, 3500 and 3600 Series engines and gen sets are used at Daqing, Bohai and other major oil fields where some of the older Cat engine models such as D399 are still contributing to production. 

In the Xinjiang oil field, Cat gas engines are used for natural gas re-injection. At sanitary landfill sites in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Hangzhou, Cat gas gen sets are used for turning landfill gas to electric power supply. 

Apart from gen sets, Cat locomotive engines are used for passenger services in mainland China and cargo transportation in Taiwan. Cat marine engines are widely used in tug boats, fast ferries, passenger launches, fishing vessels and pleasure crafts in the region.