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Investment Guide Index
1. Briefing of Shaanxi     (p2)
Administrative Districts Population
Mineral Water Power History (p3)
2.Investment Environment (p4)
Ecomonic Index Region Economy Transportation Facilities
Science Education Information Communication Financial system (p5)
Foreign Trade (p6)
3.Investment Safeguard    (p7)
4. Guiding Foreign Investment Direction  (p8)
5.Investment Costs      (p9)
Annotation Construction Costs Production Costs (p9)
Transport Costs (p10)
Labor Costs (p11)
6.Living Conditions p(12
Income Expenses Per Capita Province
Offices Hotel Shopping Banking (p13)
Health Care PO Communication (p14)
7.Briefing of High-tech Tech Development Zones  (p14)
Xi'an High-tech Development  (p15)
Yangling Agriculture Industries (p15)
Baoji Development Zone HTDZ (p15)
8.Future Prospect   (p16)
Overall Goals Infrastructure Ecological Environment (p16)
Characteristic Economy Science and Education (p.17)
9. List of Encouraged Foreign Investment Projects (p 18)
10. Preferential Policy  (p19-24)
11 Investment information(25)
Limits of Authority for Examination 
Investment Forms and Modes (p25)
Investment Proportion Registered Capital Time Limit of Paying (p.26)
Duration of Cooperation Management and Joint Venture  Recognition of Advanced Technology and Export-Oriented Enterprises (p.27)
12. Investment Procedures   (28)

13.Documents Required for Foreign Investment  (29)

14. Application Procedures for Establishing Permanent Agency of a Foreign Enterprise in Shaanxi Province   (30)

15. Investment Service     (31-32)

Districts and Population-36 mln
9 Provindial Cities                  p.2 
Mineral Resources Water and Power History Culture                            p.3

Investment Environment Regional Economy Transportation Facilities  p.4

Science     Communication 
Financial     System                 p.5

Foreign Trade 100 Countries US$ 1.3 bn Export 3,186 Foreign Enterprise  p.6

Investment  Safeguards  Foreign Investment Laws                        p.7

Guideing  Foreign  Investment 
Direction                                    p.8

Investment   Construction   and Production Costs                       p.9

Transport   Costs   Land  Sea

Labor    Costs   Insurance   Social Security                        p.11

Living    Conditions  Tourism 

Hotels   Office  Buildings   Shopping    Banking    Postal  Communication p.13

Xi'an High-tech Development Zone

Xi'an  Economic  Tech   Development Zone     Yangling  Agricultural   p.15

Future   2001-2005  Goals  Infrastructure   Ecological  p.16

Characteristic    Economy  Science   and    Education             p.17

List  of  Encouraged   Foreign Investment  Project  Gov Approv  p.18

Preferential   Policy  10 year  Projects  no tax  1-2 years 1/2 reduct 3-5 yr p.19

Preferential   Policy  Continued 


Preferential   Policy  Continued 

Preferential   Policy  Continued 

Preferential   Policy  Continued 

Preferential   Policy  Continued 

Investment  Forms  Modes 

Investment  Proportion  Registered Capital  Time Limit of  Paying  p.26

Duration  of  Coop  Management
and        Joint  Venture         p.27

Investment   Procedures 
The  Applicant and Service Agent p.28

Documents Required for Foreign Investment  Sino Foreign & JV  p.29

Application  Procedures  for 
Permanent Agency Foreign  p.30

Investment  Environment and Service System   Shaanxi  Prov. Office   p.31

Princial  Organizations   Relating 
to    Foreign   Investment     p.32

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