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The followings are the NG vehicle data released by the Municipal Government of Xian ( Red Title Document i.e. officially annuounced by the Government ):-

Current no. of CNG Dual fuel vehicles:Bus 876, Taxi 3300 total 4176 units.

In 2004, will convert or purchase additional NG vehicles, Bus 2900 units, taxi 5215 units.

In 2005-2006, plan to convert & purchase NG vehicles,bus 1150 units, taxi 5750 units
and at the sametime to convert some municipal fleets e.g. garbagage truck etc.

In 2007 to 2010, plan to convert or purchase NG vehicles, bus 3150 units, taxi 2700 units,
municiapl private car fleet 15,300 units and private car 10,000 units total 31190 units.

The above show the market for LNG in Xian and there are few cities in China already undergoing tests of using LNG as fuel for public transits.