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Line-Haul Locomotive Profile Form
Parameter Description
Models TE ION, 2 TE 10N, 3 TE 10N
Engine Type (diesel or diesel/electric) Diesel/Electric
Engine Manufacturer Locomotive Plant of Lugansk (Russia)
Engine Model 10 D-100
# Throttle Positions (including idle)  15
Engine Configuration (2-Stroke 
Supercharged, 2-Stroke Turbocharged, 4-Stroke, etc.)
Verticle, 2-Stroke with turbocharger
Number of cylinders  10
Compressor Ratio  13.7
1995 Diesel Fuel Used (tonnes)  114,056.7
# Locomotives  287
# Tonne-kilometers hauled in 1995 by this Engine Configuration Freight Passenger Support
2,736,725 x104              675,926 x104              32,063 x 104
Fuel Consumption rate (Kg/l 04 tonne- kilometers) 22.7             47.6           100.8
Fuel tank capacity (liters) 7,300
Average Age 12 Years
Range of Ages 7-18 Years
Puff Limiter Present? No
Maximum Horsepower (hp) 3,000
Cylinders Arrangement (Inline, V, Opposed)? Opposed

LOCOMOTIVES Specifications
Diesel engine capacity in Kilowatt (hp) 2206 (3000 hp)
Type Freight type
Design speed, m./sec (km/hr) 27.72 (100)
Weight of the service equipment on board kg, (ton) 138,000 = 3% (138=3%)
Load of wheel pair on rails kiloNewton (ton-force) 226=3% (23=3%)
Tractive force of prolonged regime kiloNewton (ton-force) 245 (24.96)
Continuos speed, rn/sec (kmhr)  6,83 (24.6)
Control system Remote control from cabin of any section
Number of drive axis (shafts) 6
Number of trucks 2
Truck type Three-shafted
Wheel diameter in mm 1050
Axle type (-bushing type) Carrier on roller-type bearing
Overall dimensions IT GOST 9238-83
Gage in mm 1520
Minimal radius of passable curves in m  
Tank capacity of Fuel, kg (lit)
oil kg,
Water, kg
sand kg,
6300 (7300)
DIMENSIONS Maximum height from the top of the rail mm 3250
Maximum width by jutting parts, mm 3250
Distance between the axis (shafts) of automatic coupler. Mm 16969
Truck base, mm 3700
Base of the locomotive's section, mm 12670
Distance between the kingpins (pivots), mm 8600
Diesel-generator: Width, mm
Height, mm
Length, mm
Specific fuel consumption g/(kllowatt.hour). [g/(el. .horse power x hour)]
217 - 12 (160 - 9)
Fuel Diesel fuel
Angle of advance of fuel feeding, turn radius 
(degree) of lower crank shift before the upper dead point
0.185 - 0,017 (11-1)
Fuel pumping device  Six-fold with internal time engagement 
Number 1
Feeding at rotation frequency 22.5 sec-1
1350 rpm), delivery pressure 0.35 mpa (3.5 kilogauss per square cm), discharge at intake suction 1,33 x 102 Pa (100 mm mercury column). m3 /hour (lt. per min.)
1.62 (27)
Drive Electric engine
Fuel filter of rough purification Reticulated, cellular-like
Fuel filter of fine purification Paper
Fuel pump of the diesel Plunger
Number of pumps 20 (two per cylinder)
Diesel nozzle Closed type
Initial injection pressure. Mpa (kilogauss per cm2) 21,0 (210)
Number of nozzles (injectors) 20 (two per cylinder)
Rotation frequency governor Centrifugal with hydraulic servomotor and isodromic feedback, fully variable 
Control over the rotation frequency Remote control electric-hydraulical one
Number of stages 15
Capacity adjustment Automatic at all speed regimes throgh inductive sensor, built in the system generator excitation
Terminal governor Centrifugal shuts off the fuel feeding at rotation frequency 15,.66-16.33 c-' (940-980 rpm)
Conventional symbol 10 D100
Type vertical two-stroked with turbochharge
Cylinder placing One vertical row
Number of cylinders 10
Diameter of cylinders mm 207
Piston motion, mm 2 x 2.54
Capacity of cylinders. decimeters3 (lit) 170.9
Actual compression ratio 13,7
The order cylinders work 1-6-10-2-4-9-5-3-7-8
cylinders' numbering From the control section
Direction of lower crank shaft' rotation Clockwise from generator's side
Capacity at the rotation frequency 14, 17 s-1 (850 rpm), kVt (hp) 2206 (3000)
Maximum combustion pressure.Mpa (Kilogauss/cm2) 1-,5 (105)
Temperature of Gases in discharge outlets. Co not higher 420
Rotation frequency of minimum stability, while idle motion, s-' (rpm) 6,67 - 0,33 (400 - 20)
Crank, shaft connection with generator  By plate coupling
Start-up device Electrical
Diesel 's weight without a carriage, kg 16,900
Diesel's weight with a carriage, kg 19,300
Feeding at rotation frequency 14.17 s-1 (850 rpm) of diesel's crank, shaft m3/hour 150
Recommended water discharge temperature C0 65-80
Maximum allowable water discharge temperature, C0 (not higher) 94
System type Water forced system
Water pump of the supercharged air cooling system Centrifugal
Feeding at the rotation frequency of crankshaft 14,17 s-' m3 hour 100
Cooler of the supercharged air Water and Air
Number per diesel 2 (one for each side of the diesel)
Amount of cooling water coming through one aircooler, m3 /hour 50
Temperature of the intake cooling water at ambient temperature up to 40'C, not higher 65
TURBO COMPRESSOR TK-34H-04S TYPE Supercharger feeding at the rotation frequency of the diesel crank shaft l4,17 s-' (85O rpm) (with full capacity), kilogauss/s 3,0
Number per diesel 2
.Allowable rotation frequency of the turbocompressor's rotor. s-' (rpm) 300 (18 000)
Air pressure build-up degree in the compressor under normal atmospheric conditions and, .with full diesel capacity 1.8
Oil pressure before the bearings at full. capacity -Mpa (kilogauss/ cm2). not less 0,25 (2,5)
BLOWER OF THE 11 STAGE (CENTRIFUGAL SUPERCHARGER) Type  Centrifugal with mechanical drive through the reducer from upper crankshaft
Feeding., at the rotation frequency of the diesel crankshaft 14,17 s-' (850 rpm)  6.0 Kg/sec
Supercharged air pressure at the capacity. 2206 kVt (3000 hp) and normal atmospheric conditions, Mpa (kilogauss/cm2) 0,113 (1,13) 

Tractive -generator (haul generator)
Type GP-311 BU2)
Current rating A 2870
Maximum current. A 4320
Voltage rating, B 465
Maximum voltage, B 700
Efficiency, % 94.2

Tractive electric engine
Type ED- 118B (ED- 118A)
Current rating A  476
Maximum current A 720
Maximum voltage, B 700
Voltage rating B 463
Efficiency % 91.5

Two-machine assembly (aggregate)
Type A-706BU2 V-600  VGT 275,120
Voltage rating, B 165 75
Current rating, A 125 160
Efficiency, % 84.5 75.0
Synchronous pilot exciter
Type VS-652Y2 V   
Voltage rating, B 110  
Current rating, A 10  
Efficiency, % 52.5  

Conventional symbol  KT 7
Type Compound, three cylinders, with interim air cooling
Number of compression stages 2
Number of first stage cylinders 2
Number of second stage cylinders 1
Operating pressure of the second stage, Mpa (kilogauss/cm2) 0,75 - 0,9 (7,5 - 9,0)
Maximal rotation frequency of the compressor's shaft, s-1 (rpm) 14,17 (850)
Compressor feeding at the rotation frequency 14,17 s-1 (850), m3/min 5,3
Power consumed by the compressor at the rotation frequency 14,17 s-1 (850) rpm), kVt (hp) 44 (60)