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Compressed Integrated Natural Gas Locomotive or CINGL

In another project, RailPower Technologies Corp., is developing a Compressed Integrated Natural Gas Locomotive or CINGL. Here, the large diesel engine is replaced by a much physically smaller recuperated industrial turbine such as a 5500 hp Solar or a 9000 hp Rolls Royce 601 turbine.

The natural gas is stored at 4000 psi in 44, 40-ft. long cylinders that hold the equivalent of 5500 gallons of diesel fuel or up to 55 cylinders for the equivalent of 7000 gal of diesel.

The first case will provide 40 hours of medium-duty cycle operation, which is the same as a conventional diesel locomotive. By using a high-speed alternator, there is a further space saving because a transmission is not needed. With a thermal efficiency of 40 percent, the Green Goat is substantially more efficient than diesel-powered systems. The CINGL's efficiency is also significantly better than the turbine-powered locomotives that were tried by Union Pacific in the 1950s and 1960s, but were dropped because they were not economically competitive.

According to RailPower Technologies, the CINGL can be built with more HP. The CINGL technology eliminates 99 percent of harmful NO, and particulate matter. A study done by Rolls Royce concluded that the CINGL locomotive would save the railroads 27 to 33 percent over its lifetime in ownership and operating costs. The CINGL is patented with the preliminary design complete and U.S. Class 1 railroads have shown interest. The project still requires a strategic alliance with a gas turbine manufacturer.

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