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Model E  

factory conversion kits
 We develop gaseous fuel systems for OEM's and distributors. From basic retrofit  conversion kits to complete systems including catalysts, we are able to supply a package in modules or kits depending on the customer's wishes or logistical needs.
VFF30-2 Vacuum Fuel Lockoff

                     ca125                                    Model J


Exhaust Ignition Test Equipment

Model 55, 60 and CA 100

125, 200, 200D, 200T, 225, 300 400, 425

Impco Model 600, 600D,
BeamGarretson 1436, 1451 4C-314 carb adapter,
Model E, EV & PEV regulators

Model L, J, Cobra Series, PJ, HPR regulators

Model IMP, C250AH, AHR50D, 202,  120A, T50/T60 series regulators

11, 11A27, series Vaporizer; Model KN & SD Secondary Regulator; Commander CDP

VFF30, FL 205,  206, 218,  219