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We have initiated some figures for your interest, which are close to, but not exact budgetary items as a complete turnkey project;

A designed 15,000 gallons per day to accommodate growth into the vehicular fuel market.
The plant can be either run at full capacity, or less than capacity depending upon production needs.
TURNKEY LNG plants are designed for easy shut down, start up, in less than eight (8) hours to full production. 

15,000 Gallon Per Day, Packaged LNG Plant 
1.2  million cubic feet gas per day
34,000 cubic meters per day 
This LNG plant can provide enough fuel for 
8 MW generator to run a town, six locomotives, a bus fleet, and several high horsepower tractor trailers.

The redesign for storage will be 9 days of 10,000 gallons per day, or 90,000 gallons of LNG in storage.

Included in the below estimated budget is one (1) high horsepower LNG fueled tractor trailer combination. There are several models, lengths, volumes and manufacturers for you to choose from, depending upon Bolivian service for the different manufacturers.

Included, but we need to know if there are more than one revaporization stations needed:


Mechanical, electrical, water, and other utilities needed: included

This amount would include all the above 

Processing US$ 1.00 /MMscfgpd would produce 15,000 gallons per day of vehicular grade LNG at a value of US$ 0.50/US gallon. The R.O.I. is 40% at full production. *note [this is equivalent to US$ 0.80/US gallon of premium diesel]

FINANCING (if needed)
We have spoken for possible assistance to the United States Export-Import Bank, and they would assist: 
requiring a minimum 15% down payment and the customer Government approval.

Please let me know if you require any additional explanation and enlargement of the Turnkey contract.

Sincerely yours
Charlie Bartholomew ing.

TVAC intermodal containers offer rugged, durable design features, a highly efficient insulation system and maximized payloads. The 20-foot long TVACs come in a variety of working pressures from 60 psig to 250 psig and are equipped with a pressure building vaporizer for pressure transfer.

The PVAC model utilizes the same features as our TVAC while including a self-contained pump transfer system.


Model Gross Capacity   MAWP   Width   Length   Tare Weight   Hold Time   Evaporation
  gal liters   psig bar   in mm   in mm   lbs kg   days   LIN%/day 
TVS-52-250 5270  19,950   250  17.2   96 2438   238.5  6058   22,000  9980   100   .2
TVS-53-150 5350  20,250   150  10.3   96 2438   238.5 6058   17,300 7850   79   .2
TVS-54-60 5410  20,480   60  4.14   96 2438   238.5 6058   13,300  6030   48   .2


Model Gross Capacity   MAWP   Width   Length   Tare Weight   Hold Time   Evaporation
  gal liters   psig bar   in mm   in mm   lbs kg   days   LIN%/day 
TVS-53-150 5350 20,250   150 10.3   96 2438   238.5  6058   17,800 8070   79   .2
TVS-54-60 5410 20,480   60 4.14   96 2438   238.5 6058   13,800 6260   48   .2