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contacts for questions on: 
Financing liquefied natural gas systems Charlie Bartholomew  mailto:
Liquefied Natural Gas Plants wes livingston
LNG road locomotives 3000+ horsepower 
Dual fueled 
GM EMD E series 645 engines
Technical Questions 
Scott Jensen
Chief Designer and Project Coordinator
Materials & Billing
Steve Estell
Shipping Manager
LNG road switcher  locomotives 
1200-4000 horsepower
Spark Ignited CAT Gas Engines
Dennis Nott
Liquefied natural gas cars, trucks, busses, Conversion Equipment Mr. Dave Leivestad Mr. Eric Leivestad  Mr. Dave Prior 
Liquefied natural gas refueling stations Charlie Bartholomew  mailto:
Liquefied natural gas trailers and storage Charlie Bartholomew  mailto:

Charlie Bartholomew  mailto: