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Ready for scheduling, ECI has Economizer conversion systems ready for Peru, Brazil and UK. Peru will be the first locomotive to operate with a Economizer system while both UK and Brazil expect to operate Cummins KTA 50 generator sets.
On June 18, Peru's Vice-President David Waisman visited Ferrocarril Central Andino, to launch its first diesel loco converted to operate on compressed natural gas. Unveiling two new 3900 hp GE locos at the same event, FCAPresident Juan de Dios Olaechea said the railway's entire loco fleet would be converted to CNG within six months.

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Refueling station for Locomotives in California

Natural Gas locomotives in California

3400 HP dual fuel diesel LNG locomotive
20,000 US Gallon LNG fuel tank

11,000 Ton coal train
using LNG Diesel Locomotives