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With high hopes, Haiti finally holds election May 22 

Ex-Haiti Slave Fights To Help Kids 5 Dec 1999 01
Long-delayed Haitian elections threatened anew May 1, 2000
Radio commentator shot dead  Death adds to Haiti's vote turmoil April 4, 2000 

UN chief condemns escalating violence in Haiti April 4, 2000

Haiti presidential adviser, guard shot and killed April 3, 2000 (Reuters)

Ex-Haiti leader Aristide calls for quick elections April 6, 2000 

Albright says US frowns on turmoil plaguing Haiti   4/7/2000 

Haiti Stalls Out April 7, 2000 Washington Post 

500 people rally protest journalist's killing in Haiti 8 Apr 2000

Haitian candidate killed, daughter maimed in new electoral violence April 13, 2000

One cannot believe the naive stupidity of our Clinton Team!

Article  Gleaned From The World Media That Ignored Haiti'S  Agonies From 1994 To The Present...

Violence Of March 30 Worse Than 1986 Trouble That Forced  Duvalier Into Exile

Haitian officials confirm delay in parliament elections


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